Vegetation system Includes: indigenous melaleuca forest, 243 types of high vascular plants including many tall, large trees such as Dau, Gao Tram, Bui ...The vegetables are added after the soup is heated up and together make for a healthy and delicious eating experience.In general, these two roads are very convenient, so you don't need to worry about traveling. However, you should prepare a full documents, car/motor license and full drinking water.With favorable natural conditions, Soc Trang has developed a type of ecotourism. This tourist site is located at Nam Song Hau, Vinh Chau, Soc Trang.If traveling from May to October, it is a rainy season in Vinh Long, a fruitful tree season. Here, visitors will learn traces, relics of a brilliant development period of An Giang land and the Mekong Delta today.Ta Pa Hill has only the concave stone with terraced fields, colorful rice fields. Among recipes to make the cuisine, fried voles with hot chili is one of the most common.
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